October 2021

Over the past few months, we have been working closely with Railsite Telecom to design and build ‘off-rail’ solutions to improve mobile coverage along parts of the UK’s rail network. We are pleased to announce that after a few weeks of hard work in all weather conditions, we have successfully completed our first build in Brunton, North-East England. The build went to plan, and was delivered within budget and schedule thanks to our on site teams and management working together to ensure a safe and snag free build.

The Brunton site provided some challenges due to its remoteness which meant the 30m lattice tower was built in sections after constructing a 250m permanent access track. Some sections were delivered pre-built and others flat pack having to be assembled on site. Providing a permanent power solution to this remote site was also a challenge, but after exploring numerous options and working closely with the power company, landlord and client, an amicable solution has been found involving the installation of a 400m+ sub-main cable.

Daly International will be continuing to work with Railsite Telecom over the coming months to improve network coverage in the North-East and other areas of the UK.