Alt HAN Announcement

July 2019


Daly International (UK) Ltd has been contracted by Capgemini to conduct building survey activities to support the rollout of Alternative Home Area Network (Alt HAN) technologies and services. It follows the award of the Alt HAN Operational Services contract by the Alt HAN Co to Capgemini in the UK.


Energy suppliers are required by the UK Government to provide smart meter options to all customer premises within Great Britain by the end of 2020. However, it is estimated that in 3.5 – 6% of premises (as of October 2018), standard HAN technologies will not connect all smart metering devices and that Alt HAN technologies will be necessary to bridge that gap and make smart metering available to those consumers.


Daly International (UK) will be conducting building survey activities to help Capgemini complete advanced data analytics and establish the volume of and the specific type of buildings that may require Alt HAN technologies. Once established, Daly International (UK) will also perform building sponsor liaison and engagement activities to assist in the deployment of the Alt HAN technologies, if/where relevant. Daly International is one of the largest infrastructure deployment services company to the mobile phone industry and has a wealth of experience in both building surveys and landlord engagement.


Alain Bollack, Vice President of Energy Retail UK at Capgemini, said: “This project will be a huge feat of collaboration and we’re delighted to be working with Daly International to provide the crucial building surveys and support building sponsor engagement. We’re hugely excited to be working on it and are confident we will be able to make it as seamless as possible for Alt HAN Co.”


Phil Turner, Managing Director of Daly International added: “Our complex work in the mobile telecommunications sector on many thousands of buildings across the UK has equipped us with the skills, experience, and expertise to provide the perfect fit for our partner Capgemini. This is an exciting opportunity to play a part in benefitting energy suppliers and customers alike on the smart meter rollout programme. We’re excited and ready for the challenges ahead.”


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