Notice to Quit (NTQ) Project

When Site Providers advise they no longer want to host a site, for whatever reason, finding an alternative site & getting that on air is imperative to keeping our cleint's network performing optimally - that's where we come in on the NTQ project!

The NTQ project requires specialised skill sets particularly across acquisition & planning and build. We often need to find multiple candidates to host new sites, commence negotiations with potential new site providers and get deals done quickly so that the new site, often complex builds, can be complete and integrated as quickly as possible.

Client CTIL (Vodafone & Telefonica)
Project Start Date 2013
Project Scope Acquisition of and build of new sites in conjunction with temporary relocations
Services Provided Full turnkey solution - A&P, Design, Build, I&C
Geographical Areas UK wide
Technologies involved 2G, 3G, 4G
Sites completed to date 32
Major Accomplishments Successfully relocated a number of high profile sites, keeping them available for our clients
Did you know? At times we can be dealing with up to 4 prospective, new site providers to acquire a new site after an NTQ has been received