Alt HAN Co Building Surveys

We are carrying out surveying work on behalf of Alt HAN Company to support the implementation of smart meters across the UK. Within the UK there are buildings and large premises that are currently unable to receive the full functionality associated with Smart meters.  The Alt HAN Company is owned by energy suppliers and has been established to provide the technology and solutions that will aim to resolve this issue.

We are carrying out two types of survey across buildings throughout the UK. This information is needed to understand whether the building will need to have Alt HAN Equipment installed.   

  • The type 1 survey will consist of the surveyor collecting data such as, the location of meters, building height, number of floors, distance between premises/ flats and the gas and electricity meters.
  • The type 2 survey will capture more data by taking radio signal strength readings between the meters (similar to checking your WIFI signal strength) to understand whether additional equipment will be needed to enable smart meters to be installed or not.

Both types of surveys do not require access to individual flats and are only visual, therefore nothing will be moved or changed.  Your electricity and/or gas supply will not be impacted by us in any way.

For more information on the Alt HAN Company, please visit:


If you have any questions related to the building surveys, please visit:

How to confirm the Building Surveyor’s ID

Daly International UK operates under the National Doorstep Cold Calling Protocol & our representatives will always:

  1. physically hand their identification card to the customer and declare their name and organisation. They will request that the customer compares their face with the photograph on the card and explain that they will not enter until the customer does so.
  2. explain the purpose of their visit & make it clear that they will not enter the house/premise unless the customer/resident is happy for them to do so.
  3. explain that the customer can check their identification by telephoning our organisation on 0330 022 6103.

If you wish to contact our organisation to confirm any aspect of our representatives role, please contact call 0330 022 6103 and provide the name & employee number provided on the representatives ID card.





Alt HAN Co Feedback & Complaints

If you are unhappy with our Building Surveyors and would like to make a complaint there’s a simple process you can follow. You can simply write to us at

Alt HAN Co
C/O Daly International UK
Ground Floor

1430 Arlington Business Park

We aim to resolve complaints as quickly as possible

We'll make every effort to resolve your complaint quickly however, sometimes it can take a little longer and we will get back to you within 28 working days.

If you don’t feel your complaint has been resolved

Please let us know that you still have a concern.  We’ll carry out a review of your concerns, take action to resolve them and keep you updated.